Kachnar Plant - Indian Orchid Tree

Kachnar Plant - Indian Orchid Tree

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Introducing the stunning Kachnar plant (scientific name: Bauhinia variegata (Bauhinia tree or Mountain Ebony) is a semievergreen broad-leaved forested tree. This amazing—flowering—tree is a delight for those who value the lively fragrance and the Kachnar flowers which bloom in light to dark pink, purplish, and white that jazz up any landscape.

Sunlight: The Kachnar plant which is suitable for full sun to shade conditions is a perennially heroic option for gardens, parks, and open space. It must get between 6 and 8 hours of direct sunlight a day to ensure proper growth.

Watering: Make sure to maintain regular moistness but not excessive watering above all during the growing season. Moisten the soil each time you stick fingers a couple of inches down to the roots and when temperature and soil humidity fluctuate in excessive conditions.

Appearance: The Kachnar herb is characterized by its unique doublet leaves and showy flowers which are sometimes likened to orchids, blooming collectively in the spring. Its tall, erect growth habit and dance-like branching bring into the landscape and make it a good focal point in any garden as it gets noticed by anyone walking past it.

Soil: Plant your Kachnar tree in soil that also drains well, with a pH level pegged at the 6.0 to 7.5 range. If the soil is loamy, sandy, or clay full of organic matter then all these soils will supply all the nutrients and moisture needed for the plants to thrive.

Uses: However, apart from its aesthetic role, the Kachnar tree lends mostly to culture and is known for its medicinal properties. The emerald green of its tender leaves, flowers, and pods not only gives the bean its distinct flavour but also fills its edible fodder with beneficial nourishment.

Whether planted as a solitary specimen or a flowering hedge number or even alone the khachkar tree adds beauty, fragrance and also biodiversity to an outdoor space. The attraction of the Kachnar tree is uniquely yours to find from its blooms and leaves in every season to its fruits and everything else to enjoy.

Kachnar Plant - Indian Orchid Tree
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