Jarul Plant - The Pride of India Plant

Jarul Plant - The Pride of India Plant

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Take a look at the most beautiful Indian species with our spectacular collection of flowering plants among which the colossal Jarul (also known as Lagerstroemia Speciosa or Pride of the Saraiki) is the most amazing one along with Tamhan and Crape Myrtle plants. These amazing bright blossoms bring colourfulness and appreciation to the entire garden. And they have been declared as the state flower of Maharashtra

Sunlight: Take these plants to locations that are with enough sunlight to allow them to grow vigorously. It will be even better if it is sown after the frost to have prolific and abundant flowering. They love being grown in bright, indirect sunlight as they can slightly manage the shade light level.

Watering: Be sure to apply enough water, however, do not overwater the soil avoiding the formation of puddles. Give water when the top inch of the soil is dry to the touch and also when it is too hot. Particularly during summer. Do not water too much because the roots of the plant can become mushy which leads to root rot and other issues.

Appearance: Be in awe as they unfold their branches of different colours, some in shades of purple or pink, depending on the variety. Rich in foliage, they add a tranquilising atmosphere to any landscape, so that often gardens, parks, and urban spots choose their ornamental shapes for partial or complete cover.

Soil: Prepare the planting area by placing the soil in well-draining positions and adding organic matter to encourage strong root growth and bloom. To keep the waterlogging to a minimum, make provision for good drainage so that the roots will not have to undergo rot and other problems.

Create your garden an exotic Indian - inspired haven in a place where these special flowering plants grow. If you're an experienced gardener or merely a beginner, these plants are destined to make an everlasting impression on you, with their bin outline and centrality.

Jarul Plant - The Pride of India Plant
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