Ixora Red Plant

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Ixora is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. The plant has glossy leathery leaves that are oval shaped and stiff.  Blooms are clusters of four petaled florets which can last four to six weeks on the stem. Flowers are most prolific in summer but can also appear at other times of the year.

Soil- Ixora likes its soil to be consistently moist, but like all other plants it hates soggy soil. Keep the growing medium rich and well-draining and the soil moist at all times. A good rule of thumb is that the soil should never be allowed to dry out.

Watering- Water them often—the right amount will depend on the weather conditions in your area, though watering frequency will decrease considerably in monsoon and winter. When watering an extremely dried out soil (visible cracks and soil leaving the planter walls) water in batches. Watering all at once allows the water to simply pass through the soil without getting absorbed.

Fertiliser- The Ixora plants like soil that is rich in organic matter. So, you may add a layer of vermi-compost to your plant’s soil whether planted in the garden or in a pot. They are also acid-loving plants. We recommend a dose of Gardengram vermicompost and Dr Health for best results. 

Light- They prefer some exposure in bright direct sunlight. 

Placement- It will be best to place both outdoor and indoor. Take care that while placing indoors, we place it near the windows that receive light for good part of the day for best results. The plant loves humidity so they are also good for kitchens and washrooms. 

Extra tip

The plant loves humidity and for good growth spraying little amount of water can help the plant with good growth by increasing humidity. 

Ixora Red Plant
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