Hibiscus Plant - Any colour

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  • Hibiscus plants prefer consistently moist soil.
  • Hibiscus plants prefer full sun to partial shade.
  • Hibiscus plants require regular maintenance to promote healthy growth and flowering.
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Partial Indirect Sunlight
Once a Day
Proper Maintenance

India's weather is perfect for Hibiscus plants, making them a popular choice among Indian households. Hibiscus, a flowering plant belonging to the family Malvaceae, is often considered an auspicious plant as its flowers are offered during the worship of Indian Gods & Goddesses.

While hibiscus plants may require a little more focused attention than others, mastering their care isn't very difficult. Their beautiful red blooms make the effort worthwhile. With repeated blooming from spring to fall, there's much to love about these bright, exotic flowers.

This plant is also known for its medicinal properties, its dried leaves are used for weight loss by consuming it in the form of Hibiscus tea. Many proven studies show its benefits for high blood pressure and various health benefits.

Hibiscus can be grown in containers or garden beds outdoors, but many find it easier to care for them in containers for the flexibility they offer. Container gardening allows you to move your plants around to ensure their needs are met. If your hibiscus isn't getting enough sun, simply relocate it or you can even bring it indoors to save from overwintering and enjoy it for a second summer as temperatures drop.

When choosing a container for your hibiscus, opt for a slightly snug fit around the roots, as the plant prefers it that way. Additionally, ensure the pot has drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. Indoors, place your hibiscus on a sunny windowsill, avoiding direct contact with the glass to prevent scorching.

Extra Tip: Hibiscus plants are prone to mealybugs, so it is recommended to add Gardengram Neem Enriched Cocopeat Mix to the soil for protection against them. Hibiscus plants require more frequent fertilization, about once a week during the flowering period. For garden hibiscus, fertilize approximately once every two weeks. Consider using Grow N Glow and Dr. Health to fertilize your plants every two weeks for optimal growth and health.

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Hibiscus Plant - Any colour
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