Hibiscus Plant - Any colour

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  • Hibiscus plants prefer consistently moist soil.
  • Hibiscus plants prefer full sun to partial shade.
  • Hibiscus plants require regular maintenance to promote healthy growth and flowering.
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Partial Indirect Sunlight
Once a Day
Proper Maintenance

The weather in India is just warm enough to reliably care for hibiscus plants even though it isn’t exactly a tropical rainforest climate. The popular choice among Indians and a definite presence in almost all households, Hibiscus plant is the Gods’s plant in itself as its flowers are offered during worship everywhere. 

While hibiscus plants can be a little bit needier than some other popular flowers, mastering the basics of hibiscus care isn’t exceedingly difficult, and their vibrant blooms are well worth a little extra effort. With repeated blooming that lasts from spring until fall, there’s so much to love about these bright, exotic flowers.

Hibiscus can be grown in containers or planted in garden beds outdoors, but all things considered, most folks find it a bit easier to care for them in containers. The beauty of container gardening is the freedom to move your plants around to make sure their needs are being met. If the spot you’ve chosen for your hibiscus isn’t getting quite enough sun, you can easily move it to a new spot. Once temperatures begin to drop, you can even bring it inside to overwinter it so you can enjoy it for a second summer.   

When choosing a container to put your hibiscus in, don’t get one that’s too large. Hibiscus plants actually prefer a slightly snug fit around their roots, so a smaller pot with some drainage holes will work best. If you’re keeping it indoors, find a sunny windowsill to place it on, but don’t let it touch the glass as the sun can heat the windowpane and end up scorching the plant.

Extra Tip: The plant is prone to mealy bugs, and hence we recommend the Gardengram Neem Enriched Cocopeat Mix to be added to the soil for protection against it. 

Hibiscus plants in containers should be fertilized a little more frequently than ones planted in garden beds— about once a week during the blooming period should suffice. Garden hibiscus should be fertilized about once every two weeks. We recommend Grow N Glow to be added to the plant every two weeks along with Dr Health. 


Hibiscus Plant - Any colour
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