Haworthia Limifolia

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Haworthia Limifolia, (Fairies Washboard) are charming, compact succulent plants. These usual plants rarely exceed 4″ inches tall in a potted container, making it the perfect addition to a window sill or desk. It rarely grows bigger than four inches in diameter and more than a few inches tall.

It features a rosette of triangular leaves with distinct ridges. These distinct ridges resemble the texture of a washboard, giving it the common name – Fairies Washboard.


Watering- It needs to be watered when the soil is completely dried out and the leaves start to curl (about every two to three weeks). In the winter, they need less water, so you can basically forget about them and just water them every other month.

Light - It grows best in bright light and warm, dry climates, but it can tolerate partial shade outdoors. Indoors, place the plant on a windowsill that allows the plant to get lots of sunlight throughout the day, without constant direct sunlight – no full sun!

Soil - It needs a well draining soil abs the best soil for it is Gardengram potting mix. 

Haworthia Limifolia
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