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Bright Indoors
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Low Maintenance

Harshringar or Parijaat Plant

The Parijat Plant or the Harshingar plant, also known as Arbor Tristis or Coral Jasmine is native to India (West Bengal). It is considered as a lucky plant and is very low maintenance. Parijat flowers and leaves have medicinal properties and are popular for their anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (helpful to bring down fever). The Parijat flowers bloom at night and hence people refer to it as the night flowering jasmine. Its flowers drop as the sun rises in the morning. Its flower petals are arranged beautifully on the ground in the morning as they fall making it a very beautiful sight. It is a must-have flowering plant for all gardening lovers. The best part is that it can be grown in pots and thrives well in container gardening. These simple care tips can ensure that your Parijat tree flourishes and thrives.

Soil and potting mix: For this beautiful plant well-draining soil is essential. We recommend using our premium garden soil mix to pot this plant.

Nutrients: Fertilize your plant with vermicompost or cow dung manure every month to ensure that the plant gets essential nutrients for its growth. We also recommend using the Gardengram Grow N Glow plant nutrient once every month. The dose can be decided according to the size of the parijat tree/parijat plant.

Water and light: It is important to deep water the plant at regular intervals. And avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. Parijat grows beautifully when it is given a few hours of morning sun. After that keep it in bright indirect light for best results.

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