Gulmohar Plant

Gulmohar Plant

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Let your garden be decorated by the gorgeous flame tree (Delonix regia), also called May Flower or Lapadar Tree which gives the space a riot of colours. This beautiful flower in Madagascar has a red colour, like the end of the world. Therefore, this shrub contains the hottest of colours among all the different trees and that's why nobody can miss it if we place it in any garden landscape. By providing a canopy with shades and delicate fern-like leaves Gulmohar is just fine examples of the majestic tropical elegance that render gardens and parks the world over.

Sunlight: The Indian Copper rose tree loves the sun, therefore 6-8 hours of direct sunlight is a must for their healthy growing with ample flowering.

Watering: As far as water goes, Gulmohar trees like well-drainage soil and then it must not be overwatered. No water logging. Watering richly once in a couple of days until, however, the ground has dried out a bit.

Appearance: The star of the show is the mesmerizing spectacle of Gulmohar blossoms, pretty much crimson red, that you will be able to experience mostly during the summer months. The tree's fern leaf is the perfect shade of green, enhancing the golden flowers and sky-blue background, making the design entirely photogenic.

Soil: Being a strain-demanding tree, the plant should be grown in sandy-loamy soil with proper drainage. Do not plant them on tramped or excessively wet soil, which raises the possibility of the spreading of the fungi that root the plant.

You may be looking to add an extravagant touch of colour to your garden or spice up your yard in a tropical manner, by including the Gulmohar plant in your landscape is certainly a great option to use its magnificent flowers and superior greenage. Don't allow the perfect opportunity to pass by to create a little piece of paradise on earth through this beautiful and cherished plant.

Gulmohar Plant
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