Golden trumpet yellow Plant

Golden trumpet yellow Plant

Rs. 449.00
  • Golden Trumpet prefers consistently moist soil.
  • Golden Trumpet requires bright, direct sunlight to thrive and produce its vibrant yellow flowers.
  • Golden Trumpet is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal care.
Rs. 449.00


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Direct Sunlight
Once a Day

Golden trumpet vine is a common sight in gardens with year-round warmth and plenty of sun. The beautiful yellow flowers can be offered to worship and also looks very beautiful. It is truly a plant parents delight. 

Indoors, we tend to have less moisture in the air and the sun doesn’t penetrate the interior for as many hours as the plant needs. You can overwinter the vine and bring it out into the bright rays of light in spring and summer. There, golden trumpet houseplants can recharge and produce the amazing bright yellow 5-inch blooms characteristic of the Allamanda.

Water deeply until the excess moisture runs out of the drainage holes but then wait until the top surface of the soil dries out before you irrigate again. Allamanda doesn't like wet feet. Fertilize in spring through summer every two to three weeks with a good blooming plant food.

Golden trumpet yellow Plant
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