Premium Organic Potting Mix for Home and Garden

Premium Organic Potting Mix for Home and Garden

Rs. 249.00
  • Contains microbes which enhance the soil properties.
  • Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Contains micro and macro nutrients. Has good water holding capacity.
  • Its antifungal property helps the plants to grow healthy.
Weight :
Rs. 249.00


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A balanced and rich source of nutrients to boost the growth of your plants. This 100% natural soil mix helps your plant sustain a healthy life span. The slow release of nutrients ensures a seamless gardening experience for you. This is a completely organic garden soil mix that has been made from Low EC cocopeat, vermicompost, organic acids, minerals and enzymes. It is manufactured by garden glam, formulating the recipe after collecting data on plants' nourishment requirements for more than the past 40 years.

Features of the product:

1) It help in good drainage and aeration in the soil that improves nutrient and water uptake efficiency.

2) It is very light in texture. It helps with a good root system and shoot system in plants and increases yield in plants. Thicker stems facilitate the movement of nutrients in plants and accessibility in required areas. It also increases flowering and fruit sets.

3) Enhanced plant metabolism and stimulated growth. This soil mix also helps in increased photosynthesis efficiency and carbon assimilation.

4) Increased cell development leads to increased tissue growth in plants leading to efficient and balanced growth in plants.

5) A good potting mix that helps plants bind the nutrients and support the plants in utilizing the nutrients.

6) Hassle-free gardening process with ready to use potting mix. It makes gardening easy and can be used to pot and repot plants with ease.

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