Frost Peperomia

Frost Peperomia

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Frost Peperomia is a beautiful houseplant with green leaves a frost covering and dark green veins similar to watermelon peperomia. The foliage is the main calling card for this plant.

Plants may grow to be six-inches to one foot high and wide. 

Frost make an attractive stand alone houseplant or a perfect addition to a terrarium. 

Light-  Peperomia likes bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sun can be harmful. These houseplants like a west, east or south-facing window. 

Watering -  As with most houseplants, you should be more concerned about overwatering Frost Peperomia than under watering. Let the soil dry fairly thoroughly and then provide a deep watering. 

Potting -  Peperomia does better with less root space. A shallow pot is a better choice than a deep one. 


Frost Peperomia
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