English Ivy

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  • Climbing ability
  • Low maintenance
  • Air-purifying properties
  • Evergreen
Rs. 499.00


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Bright Indoors
Once a Week
Low Maintenance
Air Purifier

English Ivy, also known as Hedera helix, is an evergreen climbing vine belonging to the family Araliaceae, native to Europe, western Asia, and North Africa. How you cultivate it makes no difference; this gorgeous plant will only beautify the area, which is much deservingly so, with its almost seductively lush green leaves and tantalizing vines.   

Light: The thriving plant loves bright indirect light but can stand some shade. Avoid letting the leaves become dull or greenish-yellow by direct sunlight.   

Water: Carefully ensure that the uppermost inch of the soil consistently remains wet but dries out between watering sessions. Waterlogging should be avoided, as the plant needs the typical English Ivy substrate.   

Soil: To achieve optimum growth, ensure aerated soil is free from compaction, has a good texture, and contains organic matter. Gardengram's premium organic potting mix will provide a blend of nutrients, ideal moisture, and sufficient air space to nurture a healthy plant root system.  

Fertilizer: English Ivy plants don't need much feeding, but in some cases, they can be given a boost with a balanced fertilizer like our Excel N Grow plant food to keep the plant healthy for a more extended period.   

To maximize its beauty and health, provide optimal conditions for your English Ivy Care —sunlight, watering, soil, and fertilization. The right atmosphere is just one of the critical elements to ensure that your plant survives and adds beauty to your home or garden. 

English Ivy
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