Earth Star Plant Pink

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  • Earth Star Plant Pink prefers bright, indirect light
  • Earth Star Plant Pink is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for plant
  • Remove any dead or yellow leaves to maintain the plant's appearance.
Rs. 475.00


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Bright Indoors
Once a week
Low Maintenance

The Pink Earth Star (Cryptanthus) is an easy to grow houseplant forming rosettes of leaves. The leaves can be categorised as succulents, with wavy margins and teeth; they are strongly banded in pink and cream. The white flowers appear nested in the centre of this plant.

Temperature- Cryptanthus tolerate a temperature range from 40 degrees F to over 100 degrees F. Optimum growth occurs between 60-85 degrees F. Keep the medium evenly moist at all times, but not wet or dry. A sunny location is preferred. New plants (pups) are formed on the side of the plant and are easily removed to start new Earth Stars.

Watering- During the summer, water frequently. In the winter, water sparingly.

Fertilisers- Apply diluted liquid fertiliser during the spring. In the summer and fall, avoid adding any additional fertiliser. Grooming isn’t necessary. The only step needed is the removal of dead flowers or leaves. Cryptanthus are not prone to any major diseases or attacks from pests.

Extra tip

The biggest threat is overwatering.It has delicate leaves and roots. Constant moisture can cause rot and fungal growth. If the rot spreads to the rosette, the entire Cryptanthus will likely die.

Earth Star Plant Pink
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