Dieffenbachia Plant

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Dieffenbachias​ or dumb cane plants are a delight for plant parents because they are easy to grow and care for. The plant has a beautiful foliage and can add charm to any space it is put in, with its feature pointed, ovate leaves in a variety of combinations of green, cream, and white colors. A large, well-grown dieffenbachia can reach 10 feet, with leaves 20 inches long. But inside the houses they don't attain this height. It is a fast growing plant and can be grown easily by planting a root cutting, provided it gets enough light.  

Watering- Make sure the top of the soil is fully dried out before watering. This plant cannot tolerate overwatering and needs watering as per its requirement.  Allow the top 2 inches of potting soil to dry out completely before watering thoroughly so that moisture drains through the bottom of the pot.

Light- Dieffenbachia plant thrives on partial shade. It is best to be placed in areas that get partial sunlight. If the leaves are drooping and turning yellow, check for their placement as lack of light may lead to this. 

Soil- Dieffenbachia is best to be potted in well draining soil. The soil should never be left soggy as it can lead to damaging of the roots. We recommend Garden Soil Mix for best results. 

Fertiliser- This plant requires regular feeding. Gardengram Dr Health and Grow N glow plant food every 20 days will help plants to grow well and healthy. 

Extra tip

Rotate the plant 1/4 every time you water it as this will ensure that there is balanced growth in the plant. 

Dieffenbachia Plant
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