Cycas Palm / Sago Palm

Cycas Palm / Sago Palm

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Rs. 959.00


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Meet the Cycas Palm, also known as the Sago Palm – a beautiful plant that can brighten up any room or garden! Its green, fern-like leaves give it a tropical vibe, making it a lovely addition to your home or outdoor space.

Key Features:

  1. Eye-catching Foliage: The Cycas Palm has lovely leaves that look like ferns, adding a nice touch to wherever you put it.
  2. Easy to Care for: This plant doesn't need a lot of attention, so it's great for people who are busy or don't have much experience with plants.
  3. Versatile Placement: Whether you want to keep it indoors or outdoors, the Cycas Palm can grow well in different lighting conditions.
  4. Timeless Charm: With its ancient-looking appearance, the Cycas Palm adds a unique and interesting touch to any place it's placed in.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your living room or add some greenery to your garden, the Cycas Palm from Gardengram is a great choice. You can buy it online today and bring a bit of tropical charm to your home!

Cycas Palm / Sago Palm
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