Croton Mammy Plant

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  • Decorative foliage plant.
  • Can help channelise good energy in the house.
  • Great air purifier plants.
Rs. 399.00


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The Croton Mammy is a great choice plant for those who want to add some colour to their house with a green baby. It is easy to care for and is low maintenance. Croton mammy offers attractive colorful leaves that twist and turn into eye-catching shapes. The leaves are shiny and evergreen, giving you color through the year. In Autumn it has tiny yellow and white flowers. Croton Mammy grows naturally in open forests and is native to Australia and the Western Pacific Islands. 

Soil- Croton mammy wants all-purpose and well-draining soil. We recommend Gardengarm garden soil for best results.  

Watering- Water the plant when the top few inches of the soil is completely dry. 

Light- Place in a spot with bright light but not direct sun. Croton mammy enjoys lots of bright light. This will allow it to properly show off the colors in the leaves. Do not expose your plant to too much direct sunlight. 

Fertiliser- You can enhance the soil with a granular fertilizer and by adding humus around the roots. Mulching the plant with Gardengram with vermicompost is a good option.

Placement- West and south-facing rooms are ideal. North facing rooms will not get enough light and the leaves will turn green or dull white. 

Extra tip

Do not place the plant directly on the window sill. Placing it away will ensure that the plant receives indirect sunlight. 

Croton Mammy Plant
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