Cobra Fern

Rs. 999.00
  • Ideal for first time gardeners.
  • Older than the dinosaurs.
  • Best air purifier plant.
Rs. 999.00


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Cobra fern plants have crushed curly leaves giving appearence of cobra hood so they are called cobra fern. These beautiful rare plants can add uniqueness in your plant collection. Leaves are a hardy low maintenance plants and hence especially suited for indoor spaces. Their ability to adapt to shade, self-reproduce and survival dating back to the pre-historic era make it an ideal choice for first time gardeners. A fast growing variety that will add instant glamour to your space.

Easy to grow, the Cobra Fern, prefers shade, and will only tolerate a few hours of direct sunlight. Cobra Ferns are tolerant of shade and indirect sunlight, and will not do well in direct sunlight.

Cobra ferns are one of the most popular houseplants and have been a fixture in homes and offices for decades.

They’re a great investment because they require little to no maintenance, they’re so easy to take care of and they last a long time!

Ferns need a good watering about once a week. While this varies depending on the type of plant, most need a watering every two to three weeks. Ferns do not need to be watered daily, especially if you are in a drought. If your plant doesn’t seem to be getting enough water, check the soil to ensure the moisture level is okay.

Cobra Fern
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