Chatura Self Watering Pot (Set Of 5)

Chatura Self Watering Pot (Set Of 5)

Rs. 1,149.00
  • Material: Premium Plastic
  • Self Watering
  • UV Protection
Color :
Rs. 1,149.00


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Size: Compact and adorable, with a height of 3.7 inches and a width of 3.3 inches.

Material: Premium Durable Plastic

Colors: Take your pick from a stunning array of 10 vibrant shades.

Self-Watering: Say goodbye to plant-watering worries!

Ideal For: Gifting saplings, adorning tabletops with plants and succulents, and adding aesthetic charm.

UV Protection: Your plants stay safe from harmful rays.

Are you ready to transform your living space into a garden of wonders? Look no further than Gardengram's Chatura pots! These petite pots are a delightful blend of style and functionality, designed to bring joy to every corner of your home.

A Rainbow of Choices

With 10 fabulous colors to choose from, our Chatura pots let you express your individuality and add a pop of personality to your space. Whether you prefer the calming allure of Aqua Blue or the vibrant energy of Sunshine Yellow, there's a shade for every mood and occasion.

Premium Durability, Vibrant Elegance

Crafted from premium durable plastic, Chatura pots not only radiate beauty but also promise long-lasting use. These pots are designed to withstand the test of time while retaining their stunning appearance.

Stress-Free Plant Parenting

Are you tired of fretting over forgotten watering sessions? Gardengram's Chatura pots come to the rescue with their self-watering feature. Simply fill the reservoir, and let these pots do the rest! Your plants will thrive, and you'll have more time to enjoy their beauty.

A Perfect Gift of Growth 

Looking for a thoughtful gift that symbolizes growth and care? Chatura pots are ideal for gifting saplings or succulents to your loved ones. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just to say "I care," these pots carry the message of life and vitality.

UV Shield for Your Plants

Worried about your plants being harmed by harsh sunlight? Relax! Chatura pots are designed with UV protection, ensuring that your green companions stay safe and flourish in any environment.

Bring Home the Joy of Gardening

Gardengram's Chatura pots are more than just plant containers; they're an embodiment of joy and nature's beauty. Transform your home decor, delight your loved ones with living gifts, and watch your plants thrive effortlessly.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your space come alive with the magic of Chatura pots. Select your favorite color, click Buy Now, and let the transformation begin!

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