Betel Plant

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Betel plant belongs to the pepper family. Its waxy green, heart-shaped leaves look great as a potted plant and are used for medicinal and culinary purposes. If you want to add a different specimen to your collection, then Growing Betel Leaf Plant makes perfect sense! When crushed, the leaves of the Betel Leaf plant exude a cool peppery scent. It’s used in making a famous dessert called ‘Paan,’ which is chewed with betel nut as a mouth freshener in India. This mildly stimulant herb is popular in whole South Asia (Indian subcontinent), Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. 

The plant does best in filtered sunlight, so keeping it at a dappled or shaded location would be best—also, avoid keeping it in a totally dark spot. Never expose the plant to the harsh afternoon sun for long, as it will burn the foliage. Take care of watering the plant in a way where the soil remains slightly moist. Avoid overwatering and stagnant water around the plant as it will cause fungal issues. The best method to follow is to let the topsoil a bit dry between watering while maintaining the regular moisture. You can also grow betel leaf plant indoors to enjoy the look of its large and lush foliage while getting a fresh supply for the amazing Indian staple “Paan!” Just ensure that you keep it near any window that filters indirect light on the plant. 


Betel Plant
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