Bamboo Palm Plant

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  • Bamboo palm plants prefer soil that is consistently moist but not waterlogged.
  • Bamboo palm plants prefer warm temperatures between 60-80°F
  • Bamboo palm plants can live for several years with proper care.
Rs. 699.00


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Bright Indoors
Once a Week
Low Maintenance

The bamboo palm is a low maintenance lucky plant that can be grown indoor and outdoors both. It is a tall, bushy plant (up to 12 feet high) with lots of long, slender leaves. It does not have any thorns or spines and is blessed with beautiful pattern foliage. You can easily grow this tropical beauty in any room in your home. It can survive well in low light conditions. If you don't get enough light, it will just take longer to reach its full height. It thrives best in bright indirect light.  

You can style it by planting it in a range of beautiful planters that add your personality to your space. 

Bamboo Palm Plant
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