Aralia Variegated

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Pothos are popular vining houseplants that look great displayed in hanging baskets and planters. They are low-maintenance and come in a number of different colors, sizes, and shapes. The Snow Queen pothos is a stunning variety that displays highly variegated white and green leaves. Often confused with Marble Queen pothos, the Snow Queen pothos can be distinguished by its coloring, which is more variegated and white than the Marble Queen pothos. Keeping the Snow Queen pothos happy indoors is pretty straightforward. However, its care differs slightly from other pothos varieties like the golden pothos or Marble Queen pothos. 

While lots of pothos plants grow well in low light conditions, this highly variegated variety should be given plenty of bright, indirect light in order to keep it’s foliage bright. Without enough light, the white variegation will begin to fade and revert back to green. Keep your Snow Queen pothos away from direct sunlight which will burn the delicate leaves. This plant requires moist but well-draining soil. Standard indoor potting soil compacts easily which can suffocate the plant's roots over time, so it’s best to create an airy, well-draining potting mix so it is recommended to get special potting mixes that are well draining. 

This pothos likes to dry out a bit between waterings and should be watered once the top half of the soil is dry. Soft, drooping leaves are an indication that the plant is ready for water.  Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer months.

Aralia Variegated
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