Anar Bhagwa Plant

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Rs. 799.00


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Pomegranate is Botanically known as Punica granatum from the Punicaceae family. Common names are Anar, Pomegranate, Dalimba, Dalim,& Anardana. he fruit has a thick, leathery rind which protects the pulp and seeds inside. The inside of the fruit is separated into compartments by white spongy tissue.

Lighting - More than 6 hours of Direct Sunlight.

Watering - Water when the topsoil feels dry to touch. Always maintain moisture near the root zone. Make sure that your pot should have a drainage hole if planted in a pot.

Soil - The soil should be well-drained, fertile & rich in organic content. The pomegranate plant can grow in almost all types of soil.

Anar Bhagwa Plant
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