Amla Plant

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One of the most recognizable native tree species in India is the Indian gooseberry tree or Amlā, which grows 2 to 18 m tall. It is a very picturesque tree with its uneven stem and numerous branches rather than spreading around, being as useful as providing some shade and barrier from the sun. In the autumn season, when the berries ripen, the fruit of the Indian gooseberry has color shades of sapa greenish yellow and light green. 

 Gooseberries are a well-known Indian snack, prepared by diluting them in saline water and turmeric to make them more edible and acquire some additional features. Moreover, Indian gooseberries are highly valued in hair care, as they help to normalize the hair in terms of a straightening effect.

Sunlight: Maintaining maximum growth for this species requires planting in a sunny outdoor location where plants can get a steady supply of natural light. The plant should be away from direct sunlight, but you can place it in a spot that is slightly covered to protect it from undue heat that can damage the leaves.

Soil: The Indian gooseberry tree grows well on the soil, which contains plenty of fertile, well-drained soils and decomposed materials. The best complementary solution to our product is the Gardengram potting mix, which must be provided to ensure proper and consistent development of the seedlings.

Watering: To Water When Exactly? You can make sure by sticking your finger or a little stick into the soil to check the soil moisture level. Moisturize the plant on the topsoil layer when the top layer of soil (1-2”) dries out. For summer months, apply deeply; however, in winter and during rain periods, withhold watering to avoid overwatering.

Fertilizer: GardenGram Grow N Glow grows your seeds and plants! This uniquely formulated fertilizer stimulates the development of leaves and roots, allowing them to grow healthily and stay green.


Amla Plant
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