All Season Mango Plant- Baramasi

All Season Mango Plant- Baramasi

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Which mango plant will you purchase online during this time of year?

Look no further! The all-season mango tree from Gardengram is a heavenly tree for mango lovers, as they can enjoy this fruit throughout all seasons. Besides its leafy and beautiful green foliage, the all-season mango plant also produces edible fruits that are delicious with aromatic fruit pulp. It can be grown in your backyard and in containers on your terraces easily. 

Sunlight: Your mango tree should be located where it is exposed without restrictions in sunlight daily because it needs 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily for healthy growth and the production of fruits.

Watering: Keep the soil around your mango tree moist, but ensure it doesn't get waterlogged. Encourage the top inch of soil to dry out between watering to reduce the possibility of root rot.

Soil: Select a place for your mango tree with well-drained soil and acidic pH. The soil should pass from 6.0 to 7.0. It means about 60% of calcium carbonate. Natural compost is a valuable addition to the soil because it is able to condition the soil and offer the right nutrients for the plants to thrive.

Appearance: Our all-season mango tree or baramasi mango plant has a green foliage and fragrant flowers that bloom all year round. 

Growing your own mangoes in your backyard or terrace is the best feeling. Gardengram helps you in this by providing you with not only best quality mango plants online, but also offers required information and nutrition for good growth and harvest of mango fruits. Buy yourself a mango plant for all seasons, and enjoy bountiful harvest of home-cultivated fruit throughout the seasons! 

All Season Mango Plant- Baramasi
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