Air Purifying Plants Combo: Crassula, Spider, Aloe, Pothos

Air Purifying Plants Combo: Crassula, Spider, Aloe, Pothos

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  • NASA-certified air-purifying plants.
  • 'EASY GO, EASY GROW' plants
  • Low-maintainance Plants.
Rs. 1,599.00


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With attractive foliage, Crassula Ovata is the perfect choice for all the laid-back & even active gardeners. This easy grow & maintain succulent fits perfectly in all spaces, from tabletops to office desks to even study tables. This adds a perfect minimalist green touch to your space.

As one of the most popular and eye-catching varieties of pothos, golden pothos are low-fuss houseplants that are sure to brighten up any corner of your home. These bright pothos are low-maintenance and easy to care for. They can adapt to a range of lighting conditions, and while they appreciate regular watering, they bounce back easily if you forget to water them every once in a while. When grown indoors, golden pothos can grow vines up to 10 feet long, so while pruning isn’t necessary for these tropical vines, you may wish to prune the vines every once and a while to keep their size under control. Bright indirect light is best in order to keep the leaves vibrant and avoid leggy growth. Standard houseplant soil works well for these low-maintenance plants. Allow the top 2 to 3 inches of soil to dry out between waterings and then water thoroughly.

A succulent with many benefits is a home-essential. Growing vibrantly in both; indoor & outdoor spaces, it’s a perfect fit for small spaces.
Sits well on your side table as a green baby and later looks adorable on any window or even your entrance.

This NASA-certified air-purifying spider plant is an 'EASY GO, EASY GROW' plant and low maintenance as well. Long, flowing leaves add a perfect charm to your desk, balcony and even hanging planters. Spider plant is a herbaceous perennial houseplant in the asparagus family. It is commonly grown as a houseplant for its adaptability to many conditions. Spider plants prefer medium light levels yet can tolerate deep shade. Its long, green foliage with white variegations looks good in both hanging planters and desktop setups. In favourable conditions, it blooms with small white flowers and its pups grow on hanging stems. Spider plant does particularly well in hanging baskets or other containers where the leaves and stems can cascade down the side.

Air Purifying Plants Combo: Crassula, Spider, Aloe, Pothos
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