Aglaonema Red Indoor Plant

Aglaonema Red Indoor Plant

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  • Low-maintenance plant
  • Can tolerate normal indoor humidity levels
  • This plant prefers low to medium light conditions
Rs. 699.00


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Bright Indoors
Daily one time
Low Maintenance

The easy to cultivate and easy to care feature of Red Aglaonema makes it one of the most popular houseplants worldwide. Infact, it is a dream come true for plant parents who prefer to raise low maintenance plants, getting the best of both the worlds. The bright red colour of this plant adds a spot of colour to the indoor spaces. Infact, they are great for offices, corners, terraces and balconies.

An evergreen perennial with dark red leaves that must be kept in an environment with low light. Always take care not to over water these green babies. The plant prefers moist soil but one must pay heed. It is also advisable to water these green babies more frequently in summers and warmer months. Where this plant can survive with comparatively less watering, we should be careful to not keep prolonged gaps between watering. The soil for aglaonema plants should be able to retain enough moisture without becoming wet. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that the soil must drain effectively and be nitrogen-rich. When these babies are fertilized regularly throughout the year, from spring to fall they thrive well as they get the required nutrient dosage for good growth and foliage. During the spring and summer, fertilizing with low amounts around once or twice a month is advised. One must remember to avoid fertilizing during the winter and it is critical not to overfertilize the plant. 

This plant requires little light exposure and can stand curling leaf edges to look its best. 

Aglaonema Red Indoor Plant
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