Triguna Agritech Pvt. Ltd (Himalaya Agro chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Unit 2, products of which are marketed by Triguna Agritech Pvt Ltd.), our parent company, is one of the leading manufacturers of micronutrients & fertilizers in North India. With a streamlined focus on improving the soil health for a better yield and preserving the soil quality, Triguna Agritech Pvt. Ltd., contributes actively towards a healthier nation, healthier citizens and prosperous farmers. 

Leveraging its experience and knowledge in our organic soil food and growth booster, we aim to establish a healthy environment for houseplants as well. The struggle to find the right soil and fertilizer is equally tough as to keep the plant alive. On top of that the struggle to find beautiful gardening decor to amp up your space, or just finding the perfect planters for your greener space can lead to stress. We ensure that all Gardengramers have access to the right products and right community in this step forward to nurturing nature. Taking away the hassle of a modern plant parent, we aim to be the one stop solution for all plant parents. 

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