Aglaonema Pink Splash Plant

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  • NASA confirmed Aglaonema as an air purifier plant.
  • Popular low maintenance plant.
  • Plant for AC rooms, office desk, etc.
  • Aglaonema is best indoor plant with coloured attractive leaves.
Rs. 599.00


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Bright Indoors
Once a Week
Low Maintenance
Air Purifier

Vibrant, colourful with patterned leaves in pink, green and red, the lush foliage of Aglaonema is a popular houseplant among garden lovers. A lot of people bring this plant home beause in Feng Shui, it is considered to be a lucky plant. Some scientific research also points out that it is a natural air purifier. Some of them have shiny green leaves with pink speckles, while some of them have dark green leaves with red veins. It has a medium growth rate and can grow upto 10-40 cms height. Hence it can be easily placed on table and in corners. They bring an exotic touch to work tables and coffee table. They also give a spectacular touch to your house corners with their vibrancy. 


Light- The plant flourishes well in indirect sunlight. If the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves might start scorching, yellowing or curling. 

Watering- Red Aglaonema is prone to root rotting and fungal infections, hence it is very important to make sure that we don't overwater red aglaonema. 

Humidity- It is tropical plant and it enjoys humidity, hence it is a good idea to frequently mist the leaves of this beautiful plant to give it enough moisture without overwatering. 

Soil- A well draining potting mixture is advisable for this plant. To fertilise, slow release fertilizer is recommended, to be applied to the plant every month (Grow N GLow - Plant Micro Food is a good option) or a good liquid organic fertiliser can help it. 


Aglaonema Pink Splash Plant
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