Lucky Plant Combo
Rs. 1,899.00
Lucky Plant Combo
Lucky plant with a white ceramic pot and stand, a suitable option would be the red Aglaonema Valentine. The Red Aglaonema Valentineis not only a beautiful and elegant plant but is also associated with positive energy and harmony. Here's how...
Rs. 1,899.00
Set of 3 home decor planters and plants
This gardening combo/gift set contains three pots and plants along with decorative pebbles. The pack consists of low maintenance lucky plants that are said to bring positive vibes and energy into your house or to the bearer. The plants are...
Rs. 4,999.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Table top pot and Fittonia plant set
A tabletop pot with a Fittonia plant, also known as a Nerve Plant, can be a beautiful addition to your indoor space. Fittonia plants are known for their vibrant and intricate leaf patterns, and they can thrive in a tabletop...
Rs. 999.00
Feng Shui Crassula for Father's Day
Feng Shui, the Crassula plant, commonly known as Jade Plant or Money Plant, is considered auspicious and is believed to bring wealth and prosperity. Here are some tips on using Crassula in Feng Shui: Placement: Place the Crassula plant in...
Rs. 649.00
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