Anar Plant
Anar Plant
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Earth Star Plant Pink | Low Maintenance Decorative Plant
Earth Star Plant Pink
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Spider Plant - Large (Chlorophytum)

Spider Plant - Large (Chlorophytum)

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  • NASA certified air purifying plant.
  • Spider plant is a 'EASY GO, EASY GROW' plant and low maintenance as well.
  • Long, flowing leaves add a perfect charm to your desk, balcony and even hanging planters.
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Bright Indoors
Twice a Week
Low Maintenance
Air Purifier

Decor your space with a NASA-certified air-purifying spider plant. It's perfect for any indoor setting. Spider plants, also known as Chlorophytum comosum, are adaptable houseplants.

Appearance: The plant has long, flowing leaves. They have charming white variegations. These add elegance to desks, balconies, and hanging planters.

Light and Blooming period: They thrive in various conditions, preferring bright indirect light. Thriving in medium light levels, they can also handle deep shade well. In spring and summer, spider plants bloom with small white flowers. They produce pups on hanging stems, enhancing their visual appeal. They look great in hanging baskets or containers, showcasing their cascading foliage.

Keep the soil moist with medium air humidity.
Avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.
Use indoor plant potting soil and filtered water to avoid leaf tip burn.

Water: Spider plant once weekly, less in winter. Monthly, supplement with plant microfoods. Avoid over-fertilization to promote plantlet formation. Propagate spider plants easily through plantlets or division

Benefits: Stolons and plantlets develop under short days and long nights. Accelerate this process by providing less than 12 hours of light daily for three weeks. Spider plants purify the air, removing harmful chemicals. They eliminate carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene.

In Eastern cultures, spider plants symbolize good luck and health. Transform your indoor space with the benefits of spider plants. They're easy to grow and visually striking.

Spider Plant - Large (Chlorophytum)
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