YOGA AND PLANTS - A Step Closer To Nature

To mark the International Yoga Day, Gardengram brings to you a list of plants that can help you enhance your yoga experience by making it healthier, happier and more attuned to nature!

A lot of us may have taken a trip to parks and gardens today to do yoga. And did it not feel great? What if we can have this connection with nature forever? Well, it may not be possible to go to gardens to do yoga everyday but what if the gardens come to you?
Let’s create our perfect yoga place today with gardengram!


Why to do yoga in nature’s lap ?

The objective for this yoga day is to make our body healthy and our mind peaceful and focused. Regular practice of yoga and meditation intensifies both mental and physical – stamina and strength. The role of nature is correspondingly significant in building our mental and physical welfare, quite the same as yoga. A study shows that having a view of green space reduces symptoms of discomfort because we share an evolutionary bond with nature.
Air quality is one of the most important aspects of green space as it filters toxic substances from the air to make it pure. That is not all. It also leaves a positive impact on our mind and body, soothes our aura, and helps in finding ultimate peace while meditating. Imagine having a plant-filled oasis, an airy space, gleaming floor, the sight of greenery, colorful curtains, and warm-toned walls – feels like heaven, isn’t it? Gardengram suggests some of the plants to keep in the place where you do yoga and meditation.

1. Peace Lily - The peace lily plant is said to balance the energy of your home and is considered best suited for the yoga place or the yoga studio as it creates harmony, promotes serenity, and emits protective vibrations. And according to NASA’s study, this resilient, flowering plant is one of the best for purifying the air.

2. Spider plant - Spider plants are resilient and easy to care for. As a bonus, they look especially lovely in hanging planters, they purify toxins such as carbon monoxide, and they’re one of the few plants that aren’t toxic to animals. It is perfect to keep near your yoga mat while doing yoga.

3. Bamboo plant - No need to jet off to a tropical yoga retreat — you can bring the vacation vibes right to your space with a bamboo palm. With its lush, green fronds, the bamboo palm is the perfect purifier to keep your air clean and clear for those breathwork sessions. Place multiple palms around your space to create a true canopy of calm.

4. Dracaena - We love a good origin story. “Dracaena” is derived from an ancient Greek word that means “female dragon,” named due to the red-colored resin in the stems of dracaena that was likened to dragon blood. And with its striking and powerful shape, this is the perfect plant to have beside your mat to help you harness the fiery, dragon-like energy in every pose.

5. Aloe vera – It is the most common plant with the low maintenance characteristics that makes it best suited for any plant lover. But this plant is also best to keep in yoga studio or near the yoga mat. It works as an air purifier and also very good to keep near you while doing the breathing exercise. Well these are some of the plants to keep near you while doing the yoga and that helps to keep nature in contact with you. Gardengram wishes you a healthy body, happy mind and surroundings full of greens.

Hence, let us help you bring closer to nature naturally and plant health and happiness.

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