Topsoil Vs Pot Soil

A very common question that troubles all gardeners while change the soil of pot or garden is around the soil that is best suited for the plants. And to add to the trouble, the infamous debate between the efficacy of topsoil and pot soil remains like an unsolved mystery. Well, rest assured  that both of them are good in their own right and support multi-purpose gardening.


Although both of them look similar in appearance, the truth is that there is nothing common between these two. Both have their unique features and can add greater value if chosen wisely. Let’s dive straight into building a detailed understanding of topsoil and pot soil.


Topsoil is the topmost layer of soil that’s scraped from weedy fields or other natural spaces. It works well as a soil conditioner, so you can use it to boost the natural dirt and soil in your yard before planting. Start by tilling the top few inches of existing soil and then add 3 inch layer of the topsoil. This mixed layer acts as a smooth transition layer. Adding topsoil has its own benefits and can help in improving drainage, enriching soil nutrients and creating better soil texture thereby making planting a hassle-free process.


Pot soil

As opposed to the topsoil, pot soil might not actually contain soil in it. Good potting soil recipe contains coco peat, vermiculite and vermi-compost to give it a light texture that holds growing roots, delivering food and moisture while allowing the proper drainage required for potted plants.


Potting soil is best for balcony or vertical or container gardening as it gives the right texture and moisture retention for growing plants in limited space.


In conclusion, we would like to add that choosing between topsoil and potting soil will depend on a number of key factors such as your location, the types of plant you intend to grow and amount of volume needed for planting. Happy plant parenting!

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