Indoor Garden DIYs: Creative Ways to Display Your Plants

Bringing the outdoors inside has never been more popular! You might be a seasoned plant parent or starting your indoor garden journey. Finding creative ways to display your plants can add charm and personality to your home. In this blog post, we'll explore simple and fun DIY ideas for showcasing your greenery in style.

A vertical plant wall is a great way to maximize space

It adds a dramatic focal point to any room. Start by mounting a trellis or a series of wall-mounted shelves on a blank wall. Then, arrange your potted plants in a pleasing pattern. Mix different sizes, shapes, and textures for added interest. Consider using trailing plants like pothos or ivy for a lush, cascading effect.

Hanging planters are perfect for adding greenery to small spaces

They work well in areas with limited floor space. Get creative with your hanging planters. Reuse household items like macrame hangers, old baskets, or colourful fabric pouches. Try different heights and groupings. They will make a display that catches the eye. It will add depth and dimension to your room.

Terrarium Gardens: Terrariums are tiny ecosystems in glass containers

They are perfect for displaying small succulents, air plants, or ferns. Start by choosing a glass vessel, like a mason jar or a fishbowl. Then, layer it with rocks, charcoal, and potting soil. Then, put your plants inside. Add stones, shells, or figurines to complete the look. Terrariums are beautiful. They need little care and are great for busy plant parents.

Plant Stands and Pedestals can elevate your plants

They do so to new heights with style. You may prefer sleek, modern designs or rustic, vintage-inspired pieces. There's a plant stand for every aesthetic. Use plant stands to add visual interest. Vary their heights and place them in strategic spots in your home. Group plants by height or colour. This makes them look cohesive and ties the room together.

Window Gardens

Use natural light. Make a window garden with sun-loving plants, like herbs, flowers, or succulents. Install floating shelves or narrow ledges below windowsills. They create a space for your plants to thrive. Put your plants in pretty pots or hanging baskets. Also, rotate them often for even growth. Window gardens beautify your home. They also provide fresh herbs or flowers for cooking and crafting.

You can display your indoor garden in many creative ways. The options are endless. You can pick a vertical plant wall. Or, you can pick hanging planters, terrarium gardens, plant stands, or window gardens. The key is to have fun and show your personality.

Try different ideas. Mix and match plant types. Don't fear to get dirty. Happy gardening!

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