How to successfully germinate seeds

If you are gardener enthusiasts, you know there is nothing more thrilling than seeing the first tiny green shoots come up after you have planted seeds. To germinate seeds you need to give them the correct type of soil and make sure they get the right amount of sun or shade, plus regulate the temperature so they don’t get too hot or cold.

Each type of plant has its own particular needs for starting it indoors or outdoors. Seed depth, type of growing medium, water and light exposure needs will all vary depending on species.

In this article we will know how to successfully germinate seeds in your gardening space.

When you buy seeds from a market or online platform you will see there are printed instructions on the back of a seed package where you will get detailed information on how you should start the seeds indoors or outdoors.


germinate seeds

Planting time

Most seed packets will tell you clearly that if you are going to plant some veggies, it is virtually mandatory to start seeds in cold weather climates. Whereas there are some other species of veggies like potato and others which prefer outdoors to propagate. If you are looking for fast growing results, plant all species outdoors but in this case you need to care more rather than placing them in their favourable condition.


Days to maturity

This will tell you how long the plants take to produce edible fruits or ornamental flowers. Fast maturing plants can usually be planted right outdoors while slow maturing plants are better candidates for starting indoors.


Light and water needs

If the seeds need lots of light then plant it outdoors or if there is no sign of direct light place them under the artificial light.


Soil needs

Some seeds can be started in ordinary soil while some seeds have a requirement of fine porous soil so that they can grow well. In that case you can get Gardengram potting mix (Soil mix) for best results.

Avoid starting your seeds in gardening soil which is usually compacted and has lots of weeds that you need to clean frequently.

Now it's time to plant your seeds. So here we will guide you the procedure of planting seeds.


  1. Loosen and dampen the potting mix before you put it into seed-starting trays or individual containers or in your garden.
  2. Use the pre-damped potting mix to fill your chosen containers about two-third full. Tap the container on the table top to help the potting mix settle.
  3. Once you have your containers prepared, you can plant the seeds.
  4. Cover the seeds with more damped potting mix and then gently firm again
  5. Although the potting mix was prepared and damped, it is still a good idea to sprinkle some water on it.
  6. Once your seedlings being coming out through the soil, they will start to straighten up and unfurl. Start giving them proper light. The best way to ensure regular light places them to direct sunlight or keep it under artificial light.
  7. Water them frequently.


I hope this information helps you to successfully germinate seed. Reach out to us at Gardengram if you have any more doubts and we will guide you through your gardening journey.

Happy gardening!

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