Gardening – The Tools of It

Carpenters need a hammer. Electricians need an ammeter. Which tools do you need as a plant parent? Let’s learn about the tools which you can utilize in raising plants.


Toughy Trowel

Consider it the most important tool. They come in various sizes but the best fit for you will have the blade almost as big as your palm. Pots used in the home do not require deep digging as it happens on a farm. Make sure to pick that trowel that has the sturdiest handle so that it lasts longer and can dig dry soil too.

Pin-Pointy Fork

Very much like the kitchen fork but with three tines, aka, poking points. The purpose of a fork is to mix and stir up the soil so that it has an even texture throughout the pot. Regularly doing this to the soil makes it retain water, nutrients, and biofertilizers. Aim to pick a fork just as big as your trowel.

Washy-Woshy Water Sprayer

You can water your plants with a bathroom mug or a steel glass. No doubt. But when your garden starts blooming, it will be hard for the water to evenly spread over the soil. To make this convenient, we’ve water sprayers. You can pick the manual kind wherein there’s a metal or plastic can attached to which is a nozzle having holes. Or you can go ahead with the one similar to what your hairdresser uses where you get to pull the trigger to spray water.


These were the tools that all the gardeners across the world use. But some specific tools come to use based on your specific needs. You may choose to buy a pair of clippers at a later stage when you’ve to chip away dead leaves. The only other thing which you can put to use from day one along with the above tools is a good potting mix. It makes your soil nutrient-rich. Starting from the seed germination stage until your plant's optimal growth stage. 


With these simple tools, you're good to go. Learning today is better than learning tomorrow. Now trowel up and begin gardening, pals.

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