Five plants for study table

We understand that concentration and focus can be difficult while studying. But a well adorned study table with green babies can help solve that problem right there! Let’s understand which green babies can make their way to your study table. 

What kind of plant is best for building productivity on the study table? This is the very first question that comes to our mind. Here we bring to you these five plants which not only build productivity but also make your study table look beautiful. Let’s have a look. 

Lucky bamboo plant

Well, first on the list is the lucky bamboo. This plant is not only used for decorative purposes, but it has its own features to increase productivity. It is a low maintenance plant and will ensure that you have a hassle-free plant parenting experience with this one. 


Snake plant

Another great addition would be the snake plant. Snake plant not only has immense health benefits but it is also one of the most popular study room plants. This difficult to kill plant converts carbon dioxide into oxygen throughout the day and can work wonders to increase your focus. Why not try it out!


Peace lily

Peace lily is not only an air purifier but can also improve your mood. Well, studying with a good mood definitely can help retain more information. Don’t you think so? This flowering plant also needs minimal care and helps create an attractive, calm, and healthy environment for your studying space. Ohh, cherry on the cake, when it blooms it give you an amazing view when you look away from your books.


Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is both an indoor and outdoor plant. Its enticing fragrance can help to calm the senses and promote sound sleep. Now, let us tell you that a good sleep is essential for good concentration and productive study sessions. It is believed that keeping the jasmine plant in the study room can help students to remove stress and anxiety.  Well, if you are someone who feels exam [ressure, we would recommend this plant for sure.



The flowers of this plant are very attractive to see and the best part is that they keep blooming throughout the year. Orchids are colourful and captivating and they also spread positive energy. 


So, dear plant parents, parents and students, the secret is out. Get these green babies and enjoy studying. And for parents, a small tip, gardening is a great activity to help your kids with life skills as well. 

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