DIY Plant Care Tips For Independent Gardeners

Bought new plants and confused about how to take care of them? Thinking about what to even begin with? If yes, then this all you need to know.


Let's get you equipped with a handful of tips and tricks to get started. These will apply to all plants in all seasons.


1. Water is a must 

How many days an average human can grow without water? About 3 days. Same applies for plants unless you're raising a thorny cactus. Dehydration hurts plants so make sure to water your greeny ones every day. Water them but not drown them.


One mug will be enough. Early morning and before sunset is a good time. Put in a reminder on your phone. Soon you’ll get habitual and won’t need the reminder.


2. Show them the sun 

Vitamin D is useful for us humans. More so for your leafy champs. They make food using photosynthesis which requires the sun. This doesn’t mean you’ve to place them under the hot and bright light. A shadier exposure to sunlight will also do. Mix between direct and indirect sun time and your plants will take care of themselves just fine.


3. By all means get that soil right

If you have the right soil for your plant, you’re good to go. Otherwise, get it replaced. Soil doesn’t demand much care unless you notice something unusual. Like water leaking out of your pot or too much dryness in soil texture. It then is time to get the old soil out and get a newer one in. In other cases, replacing the soil once every 9-12 months will be okay.


4. Weed out the weeds and repel those pests

Weeds grow alongside your plants. They compete for nutrition and might be the reason why your little ones aren’t growing. Chop them off with a kitchen knife. To avoid unwanted pests, make a homemade pest control solution of diluted liquid soap. Add this to the soil and you’ll be done. Note that bees and butterflies aren’t pests. They’re your friends.


5. Say hush hush to the bigger threats

It is obvious to have a bird net installed on your terrace and balcony. That’ll avoid notorious pigeons and crows from chewing away on your hard work. If you live in a monkey neighbourhood, it won’t hurt to have iron rails shielding your balcony. Monkeys love flowers and lemons as much as you do. Beware, folks.


Plants are quite adaptable to their environment. Water, sunny time and the right kind of soil are their food. Keeping them safe by avoiding pests and weeds solves the puzzle of plant care. But there still is one missing link - biofertilizer. This is what you got to add to the soil every 3 months to ensure your plants are able to make the most out of your care. We call it the plant version of a multivitamin dose.


Reach out to us for any plant problems and follow us for more tips and tricks.

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