8 Plants that Flower All Summer

We all love flowers that bloom all around the year. But how do we know which plants will bloom this summer in our gardens, terrace gardens and container gardens? 


Let us get to know 8 such summer flower plants that look vibrant and beautiful. We assure you that there are a lot of flowering plants that will look great in your space. Like Hibiscus flower plant is a great medicinal plant, a pooja plant and looks very beautiful, we have seven more plants that can be your green flowering companions. 



Hibiscus is a very popular flowering plant and can be easily grown in containers as well. They can be placed in yards, balconies and terraces easily. The sun-loving perennials easily come while giving you ‘pom-pom’-like flowers this whole summer. 



Begonia flower plants can be easily spotted as they are small and dainty, and have beautiful hanging flowers in different colours. It is also a low-maintenance plant and can grow well in both direct sunlight and shady conditions. Their petals come in tints of red, pink, white, and orange. This is why begonias are the perfect plants to add colour to the garden borders, containers, and hanging baskets where they are placed. 



Also, known as the ‘Gandhraj’ plant, the Gardenia plant is very exotic and unique because of its gorgeous gardenia perfume that spreads all over the place on a warm summer evening. These shrubs are true 'greeners' with their awesome white blossoms providing an elegant sight that is in sharp contrast to the glossy green leaves. Place them in a sunny spot, and they will keep sending out an amazing scent in the summer. 


Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise plant with its exotic blue and orange flowers that look like an exotic flowers are a   Birds of paradise plants require full sun exposure like real birds, and having their flowers well-watered ensures they look their best. 


Pentas Pink

When it comes to flowering plants that turn into heaven for butterflies and hummingbirds, there is nothing better than pentas pink. This genus of the sun-loving perennials produces close of pick star-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red and purple. You can put them in a flowerbed or a pot of earth and will enjoy the richness of colour throughout your summer. 



The cheery annual calendula, more pronouncedly known better as the marigold, is an exotic plant with a great number of small yellow or orange flowers which almost every summer carries out a flowering. Working sunny orange/yellow colour of calendula flowers, any summer garden looks bright and attractive. Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of water and it’s pretty easy to grow, therefore perfect for enthusiasts who just like the idea of having a green thumb. 


Peace Lily

A refined white peacock flower and shiny green leaf are the two best features of the peace lily, for which it is universally prized as well as for adorning indoor and outdoor spaces. These plants are hardy and resilient, hence they continue growing even in shady conditions.  They also need regular watering so the blooms always look fresh. In addition to that, murals are famous for their air-filtering characteristic so every dweller of an apartment and a gardener needs them. 



Furthermore, the Aparajita or butterfly pea is a lovable trailing vine with lovely light blue smiley flowers that keep blooming all summer. This drought-resistant thing finds its capability in full sun and sprouts a little delight in trellises, fences, and arbours. Besides, what distinguishes this plant from other ornamental varieties is its edible flowers that can be added to tea and beverage production to make beautiful infusions. 


These plants are known for their shiny colour, intense flower fragrance, and touching appearance that will charm your garden as they bloom through the summer season. Regardless of whether you have been a garden veteran for some time or just opened a front door to gardening, the following plants will certainly brighten your outdoor space and give you that gardening satisfaction. Hence gear up your gardening equipment, fill up your basket with mulch and tend your four-season garden with the right care and attention!




Q1: Do these plants call for sun at full height?

A1: The plants selected for the garden are a mix, with some of them like the hibiscus and bird of paradise, requiring full sun to grow, and others like the begonia and peace lily needing the shade. 


Q2: Is there any recommended watering schedule for plants like that?

A2: The major part of these plants require to check-up often, especially during the hot dry season. Yet the proper watering frequency can be adjusted by certain changes in plant needs and environmental circumstances. 


Q3: In which types of pots and with which fertilizers can I grow them?

A3: Yes, such plants, the example of which involves the begonia and pentas, are also possible to grow in pots with necessary drainage, which, in turn, shall receive enough sunlight and water. 


Q4: Is the plant difficult to take care of?

A4: Yes, all the plants listed in this guide are relatively easy to cultivate, this makes them ideal both for those who are sowing for the first time and those who garden full-time. 


Q5: So What about these plants attract pollinators?

A5: Absolutely, these pentas and calendula plants will come into being, because we know that they will attract a lot of butterflies, bees, and other pollinators to the garden. 


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