Immunity Boosting Plants To Prevent Ailments

Any plant which has therapeutic or pharmaceutical benefits is called a medicinal plant. These benefits can be derived in multiple ways.


Aromatherapy, which we talked about in one of our articles on plants with fragrance, is one such way. Others include boiling them in water and drinking it. Just the way your mother advises you to do with Tulsi leaves when you’re coughing. You also can swallow them whole as we do with tiny cut Garlic slices. Or you can make their tasty chutney if the plant happens to be of Coriander.


It is important to keep in mind that no amount of herbs you consume will keep any major illness at bay because these plants are not actual medicines. You can use them to build a stronger immune system which very much helps in preventing diseases but consult your doctor based on the severity of the ailment.


To begin with, you can always aim for Tulsi, also called Holy Basil. It is the holy grail of therapeutic herbs. It grows well in a pot if you make sure to not overexpose it to the sun because that may cause the leaves to burn. You can also chew its leaves raw but wash them before you do so. That’s because they have tiny amounts of a silvery thing called mercury sticking to them. You want benefits, not toxins. Hence, wash them thoroughly.



Next in the list will be Curry Leaves. It is a medium sized plant that flourishes well in indirect sunlight. A great antioxidant, also known for its distinct aroma is often used in a lot of dishes to add a unique flavour.


Garlic is a natural antibacterial agent and helps people with heart ailments and excessive cholesterol. To grow it, you need a few cloves, plenty of sun, water and about 8-10 months. It won’t pop out of the soil because it is a root plant. You’ll see the garlic bulb once you pull it out from the soil holding its green stem. Among roots, you can also grow Ginger. It becomes consumable in about 4 months.


Keeping it away from direct sunlight and avoiding too much watering while keeping the soil moist will do the job of nourishing it right. Its benefits include reducing inflammation, clearing lungs and throat besides adding flavour to your morning tea.


You can proceed to nurture coriander and mint. They grow in a pot quite fast. Make some chutney and eat with your meals and salads to keep seasonal flu at bay. For the more experimental folks, growing Aloe Vera and applying the juice from its leaves will make your skin resistant to acne and itch.


When it comes to growing a medicinal plant, all depends upon your choice and how much time you can give to your little ones. Plant accordingly and soon you’ll see your body and mind become enriched from these therapeutic members living in your home.

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