How to give special care to plants during rainy days?

Aren’t monsoons a delight, so much that a lot of people call it their favorite season. Bollywood has definitely paid a lot of tribute to rainy reason through its songs and cinematography. Everything looks beautiful during the monsoons and even plants have a fresh aura that makes it look more vibrant. However, monsoon becomes a bit tricky for plants because plants need special monsoon care.  Yes, it is true that monsoon is the season in which all plants blossom and look joyful. Plants get relaxation from the scorching heat and an opportunity to grow due to the low temperature and high humidity in the environment. And hence simple care routine can ensure that monsoons do not add even a little stress to your green babies.

Let us take a look at this special monsoon care guide for plants.


Even generally, we advise to take heed while watering plants as both overwatering and underwatering can be harmful for plants.  During the rains, it becomes all the more important that we check the soil for overwatering.


Good drainage system is essential so that water does not accumulate near the roots of the plant killing it. We need to make sure that the planter in which we plant has a drainage hole. If the drainage system is not good then all the essential nutrients of the soil can wash away hence we need to be careful with it.



Humidity level is quite high during the rainy days so make sure that the plants get sufficient light and air. There are many potting mixes in the market that ensure that there is enough aeration for your plants to breathe and grow. Gardengram potting mix has been made keeping this in mind.



Prune the parts of the plants before the rain hits as it’s the best time for the plant’s shoot to grow. So before the next monsoon hits, you know what to do with your plants pruning.


Other tips -

  1. Be aware of the infections: In the monsoon season plants become prone to various insects and infections so using a good fungicide to protect plants from pest attacks is a good option. You can also mulch them with Gardengram cocopeat mix as it is enriched with the goodness of neem to heighten the resistance of your plants towards infections and infestations.
  2. Providing physical support to your plants is important during rainy season to avoid physical damage to your plants during rainy season. Many plants are vulnerable to strong wind as it can damage plants. If you have some young trees and shrubs planted in a garden, provide physical support to them. This will increase their lifespan.

We hope this practical and easy tips can help you with monsoon gardening. You can ensure that your plants thrive and survive with a monsoon glow to them. For more such tips follow gardengram.

We wish a healthy and happy gardening in the rains with gardengram.

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