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How to control weeds

by Gardengram 25 Apr 2022
How to control weeds

Gardening can be simple, fun, and pleasurable provided you have the right information to make your plant parenting life easy. Let’s look at how to control weeds!

Do you have weed in your gardening space? To know the answer to this question, first you need to know what weed is.  A weed is simply a plant growing where it’s not wanted. Now that we have learnt how to identify weed, let’s look at how we can kill them. This gives rise to set of next questions: What is the best time to pull a weed? What is the best way to pull weeds? So let’s understand how to prevent weeds in your gardening space.


control weeds

How to prevent weeds

The best way to prevent weeds from spreading throughout your garden is to stop them before they take root. Also, it is a rather continuous garden chore. Consider taking the following steps for a weed free gardening experience.

  1. Weeds, like any other plant compete for light, nutrients and water. Plant densely so there is no space for weeds. Planting ground cover is another excellent way to keep out weeds.
  2. Mulching is another great method to prevent weeds from growing.
  3. For effective weed control, it is important to know the weeds that you find frequently or in many places in your gardening space.
  4. Most weed seeds need light to germinate and will do so only in the top two inches of soil. Therefore when you till or dig up the soil , you are catapulting weed seeds- which are naturally present by the thousands in any given soil into the sunlight where they need to be in order to start germination. Therefore, after disturbing the soil, plant it right away and cover it with mulch to prevent weeds from growing.
  5. Always use the right tools to remove weeds because the goal is to remove the entire weed growth with all its roots. If a single trace of root is found in soil, it will start to germinate again.
  6. Some weed might be present in your gardening space that cannot be removed by uprooting or disturbing the soil, so here one might need to use chemical fertilizers to remove the weed.


When creating the perfect environment for your gardening space, you may be unfortunately crafting the ideal location for weeds to thrive. But knowing how to prevent weeds in gardening space is actually pretty simple when following these steps. Take time now to prevent weeds from taking root and save yourself hours of weeding in future!


Reach out to us at Gardengram if you have any doubts and we will guide you through your gardening journey.

Happy gardening!

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