Five plants for wash room

Beautifully adorned living rooms and bedrooms are a common sight. But why not bring some green babies to your bathroom? Let’s talk some washroom plants! 

Washrooms can be instantly perked up with green babies, improving the air quality and providing pretty décor. However, while choosing we have to keep in mind the typical atmosphere of washrooms for plants- High humidity, temperature fluctuation and low light sometimes. It can be difficult for some plants and some plants are well attuned to grow in this condition. Let’ discuss about five plants that can thrive in your bathroom.


plants for wash room


1. ZZ plant

ZZ plants also known as Zanzibar gems, are low maintenance houseplants characterized by their shiny, wide, oval-shaped leaves that shoot upward. This plant can thrive in humid environments and don’t require much light or water. So this plant can be the best choice for your bathroom.


2. Aglaonema

If you are looking to deck up your bathroom with vibrant leafy plants then Aglaonema can be the perfect choice. Aglaonema is a great plant for bathroom because is so hearty. It can thrive in humid environment.


3. Aloe vera

Since we are taking about bathroom plants, your plant might as well have some beauty benefits attached to what you choose, no? That’s where aloe vera comes in. Aloe vera is commonly grown as a houseplant and gained favor because the gel from its leaves make a soothing skin salve. This plant like bright and direct sunlight but can tolerate humid environment and can thrive in bathroom.


4. Spider Plant

Spider plants are another simple option. When grown indoors, these warm-weather perennials will survive less-than-perfect conditions and like humid environment. They can tolerate low light or bright light, but make sure that they are not under direct sunlight, or they will scorch. As they like humidity, your bathroom spots are a plus for them.



The majority of calathea flourishes in humid environments, so it’s great plant to spruce up your bathroom. And since it enjoys moderate, indirect light, you don’t have to worry about how small your bathroom window is or whether it is placed too away from it.


Also remember that not all washrooms have high humidity. Some washrooms that are not used frequently or too often may be drier in comparison. Hence, it is important to keep these things in mind when you choose a plant. We hope these plant bundles give you joy and help with decorating your washrooms.

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