Five plants for living room

Don’t we all want our living rooms to stand out? Look the prettiest? Here we have a specially curated article to help you with the best green babies that can adorn your living room!

Choosing what plant to keep in your living room is your personnel preference. So no matter what plant you choose, all plants have their own special feature as per your requirement. Ohh and a fun fact for you all. According to a study conducted by NASA, plants contribute to fresh air by reducing air pollution; reduce stress and spark creativity in people. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into our list of 5 best plants for your living room.



Peace lily

Who does not fall in love with Lily? Especially when kept in your living room! And did you know that this air purifying plant increases the humidity of your living room, helps induce sleep and brings good luck. Its glossy oval leaves that are pointed at the tip gives your space an amazing view. Don’t wait, get this multi-purpose plant for your living room now. However, be careful if you have pets around because this plant may prove to be poisonous to them and should be kept out of reach from them.



Lavender flowers are known for their soothing properties. This plant is known to lower the blood pressure and stress levels which is why it tops the list for best living room plants. This plant can also be placed in the kid’s room as it aids sleep and calms the mood. We wouldn’t be surprised if you want to rush to get this lovely green baby ASAP.


Snake plant

Loved by everybody, snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue is a great living room plant as it looks elegant and improves the air quality too. This plant is an ideal choice for a novice gardener because it is difficult to kill. This plant not only converts carbon dioxide into oxygen all the time but also creates an amazing view of your living room corner.


Spider plant

If your living room gets bright light, then a must have plant for you is the spider plant. Apart from purifying air, this creepy-crawl plant keeps the room humid enough to give you the best room environment. This plant is therapeutic and can reduce stress, depression and anxiety. The plant is good for people who have allergies. Wait, and did we tell you that it can also look great as a hanging plant. 


Chinese evergreen

If your living room does not get much light, Chinese evergreen is one of the best living room plants to have. We call it easy to love and easy to grow plant. This plant keeps the room fresh and increases oxygen level to breathe properly. Infact, all these plants can be kept together and become your living room buddies.


We hope this information helps you to pick the best plants according to your space and needs.Reach out to us at Gardengram if you have any doubts and we will guide you through your gardening journey.

Happy gardening!

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